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Jean Robb

Volunteer your remarketable gifts and become more marketable!

Volunteer and Market Yourself…Remarkably

“Remarkable Marketable Mehelps you share your remarkable gifts volunteering, making you more marketable along the way.

By Jean Robb

I didn’t have the best childhood. We didn’t have much, so if you needed something you had to find a way to get it. I started working at 11 years old selling candy door to door. I know very scary right, but at 11 years old all I knew was I had to sell a certain amount of candy before I could go home. When I knocked on a door, out came my foot and I didn’t move it until you bought a box of candy. The skills I learned from my difficult childhood, (my lemons) really became a blessing (my lemonade).

I learned at a really young age that persistence will open many doors. As an adult I have walked out on a stage with a tiger after Zig Ziglar and talked to over 2,000 people about overcoming their fears. I know you must be thinking…a tiger? I have volunteered for over 15 years with big cat sanctuaries and have learned you can do something you really love while helping others in remarkable ways. In today’s economy you hear lots of people say they can’t find a job. So what happens?

The longer you’re out of work, you start to lose your contacts. You’re not keeping up with the day-to-day changes in your trade. You’re simply out of the loop. The longer you’re in this position the more the fear sets in. What if I can’t find a job? I have so much to offer, how do I get someone to talk to me? Well as you can see, fear can really take a hold of you, it makes you feel like a deer in the headlights. How do you overcome these things?

First off, STOP listening to the FEAR and STOP making EXCUSES. Look, I’ve made many of the same excuses when I’ve let fear be a part of my life. I now realize that the answer to overcoming the fear is to replace it with remarkable things you can be proud of. Instead of asking why would anyone want to hire me, ask yourself why not me?

After volunteering you could say. Look at the change I’ve made in the lives of others. Look what I’ve learned along the way. Look at the skills I’ve been taught while helping others. Look at the great people I’ve met. They’ve seen first hand the type of passion I put into any job I take on. So how will this work? I have made a commitment to bring you a volunteering opportunity at least once a week. The process of volunteering can be more complicated than people may think.

Email me your news. I have included in each story all the information I received and the direct contacts to make it really easy for you to get your foot in the door.Network, Network, Network” See how you can use that experience to build your resume. Most of all how did you feel about helping others today.

My goal is to get you to share with all of us your experience. Think about how much we can learn from each other. Please email me your pictures and story to so I can post them each day. I will add the trademarks, video and links for you.

Jean Robb is a real estate agent in the Dallas – Fort Worth area who is committed to promoting the importance of volunteering for your community.We have the infrastructure in place with the best real estate team in North Texas, and the process for you and I, together can “give back” to those in need without costing you an extra dime. It’s a win/win for both of us. When you contact me, just mention this page and I'll donate 5% of my commission to any non-profit you want to help!

After reading the above information ask yourself “why would I choose any other realtor”?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meadowlark Lemon Basketball Hall of Famer and the renowned “Clown Prince of Basketball”, has teamed up with "Club Beyond".

Where Friends, Fun and Faith Connect
Club Beyond® is the name used by MCYM to identify its ministry with military high school and middle school aged kids worldwide.  Club Beyond staff and volunteers love young people and are available to journey with them through the hard challenges of adolescence, providing positive role models and exhibiting Christ-like behavior.

Special activity nights, lock-ins, ski trips, summer camps, and work service projects. Club Beyond leaders also offer weekly Bible study sessions for those students who want to go deeper in their spiritual development and study of the Bible.  All of these activities are well chaperoned, with high ratios of volunteer leaders for kids in attendance.

Club Beyond Staff are vocational youth workers recruited from across the U.S.A., usually from the ranks of
Young Life Youth for Christ  or Life Teen.
Click on the link above for Basketball Hall of Fame main page

 Meadowlark was enshrined in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003 for his accomplishments on and off the court

Meadowlark Lemon Basketball Hall of Famer
and the renowned “Clown Prince of Basketball”, 
has teamed up with "Club Beyond".
Click on the link above for Camp Meadowlark main page

MCYM Mission Statement:

Celebrate life with military teens,
Introduce them to the Life Giver,
And help them become more like Him.

“For details on sponsorship of “Camp Meadowlark for Military Teens”, please contact Allen Winder.  Allen was recruited by Meadowlark Lemon to become the first white player to play comedian basketball along side Meadowlark, Wilt Chamberlain and Marques Haynes on Meadowlark Lemon’s Bucketeers.  He is now the  Director of Operations for Meadowlark Lemon Ministries.

What is Military Community Youth Ministries?

The journey from adolescence to adulthood has never been easy. In every generation and in every place, teenagers have struggled to come to grips with their place in the world. They want to know if there is meaning to life in general and if their own lives are important. Among our nation's youth are some 300,000 teenagers whose parents and guardians have committed their lives to service with our armed forces. These students are scattered among overseas bases and installations in the U.S. The problems and struggles of military teens are  similar to those of the typical teenager, but intensified because of their context. Military  installations, even in the United States, are often isolated. Military teens are frequently uprooted from familiar settings and replanted in a foreign country with language, culture and customs they don't understand. Further, the heightened pace of military operations in the Middle East has meant more
frequent and longer absences from the home, creating temporary single parent homes for the majority of military families for at least a third of any given year.  At Military Community
Youth Ministries, we believe that there is a great need to be available for these young people, to build meaningful, no-strings-attached relationships with them. We believe that one of the best ways to help military kids is to affirm them and be available to celebrate life with them.  Toward this end, MCYM staff and volunteers seek to love teens unconditionally and provide a model of Christian hope in our military communities through weekly Club and fun activities.In the field, our ministry is usually know as Club Beyond®. 

MCYM serves at locations with nearly 70,000 military teens.  Over 90 full-time staff along with
hundreds of volunteer leaders are working in over 45 military communities around the world.

We invite you to learn more about us by exploring the pages
of this website or by contacting us in our home office in
Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Meadowlark Lemon, Basketball Hall of Famer and the renowned “Clown Prince of Basketball”, is a legendary hero in the world of sports… the man with the most recognizable face and name in sports history! His name and patented hook shot are ingrained in the memories and hearts of generations who recognize him as the most popular member of the most beloved sports team in history –The Harlem Globetrotters. Meadowlark Lemon helped change the face of American history, Black history, and Sports history! Meadowlark has played basketball before Kings, Queens, Presidents, Popes, and for millions of fans all over the World! Meadowlark has performed his on-court artistry in more than 100 countries around the Globe!   As an international star with the Harlem Globetrotters, Meadowlark was also known as an “Ambassador of Good will in Short Pants.”  In 1997, at Ebony Magazine’s 50th anniversary, Meadowlark was honored with the Sports Legends Award. Meadowlark Lemon is a household name after playing in more than 16,000 career games for the Globetrotters that began in 1954 and lasted until 1979.  In 1993, Meadowlark went back with the Harlem Globetrotters for a 50 game “comeback” season.  Meadowlark was voted as one of America’s most recognizable faces following Alan Alda, John Wayne and Bob Hope. Meadowlark says, “ …An NBA player would need to play 160 games per year for 100 years to achieve my record of over 16,000 career games… as a Globetrotter we played over 350 games per year….”

For more than five decades, the irreplaceable “Clown Prince of Basketball”has thrilled millions of fans with his basketball skills and slapstick comedy. A gifted athlete and hilarious comedian, he is as renowned for his famous confetti-in-the-water-bucket routine as he is for hitting hook shots from half court.  Meadowlark is an outspoken champion role model who continues to supercharge audiences worldwide with his high energy, warmth, humor and inspiring message of finishing strong and how to live a life of JOY! As a legendary member of the Harlem Globetrotters, Meadowlark witnessed firsthand the changing tides of acceptance and virtue among the nations of the world. On the road, while performing before various diplomats, world leaders, celebrities, popes and many fans he learned that JOY is not the absence of adversity.  Meadowlark realized that JOY is the victorious way through adversity. Meadowlark’s  “no-look, wrap-around pass” for an easy slam-dunk and his wit is unsurpassed. In his nationally syndicated column, Los Angeles Times Sports Writer, Jim Murray, described Meadowlark Lemon as “an American Institution whose uniform should hang alongside the Spirit of St. Louis and the Gemini Space Capsule in the halls of the Smithsonian Institute.” … “He did more for basketball than 10 seasons of the Boston Celtics.”Even today, fans relay stories of their memories of times they witnessed hisperformance. On television or in the arena, you knew you were watching a gifted athlete who loved his game and the many fans who were watching him.  Meadowlark’s athletic skills are matched only by his charisma. Meadowlark enjoyed the games and cherished the memories as much as the fans! Meadowlark’s rise to fame embodies the American dream. Can anyone top the storybook climb from the poverty of a small town right into the uniform of an international athlete.
In 1988, Meadowlark formed his own comedic basketball team, the Meadowlark Lemon’s
Harlem All Stars™.  This comedy basketball team features the legendary Basketball
Hall of Famer himself, along with other talented basketball professionals. 
The team continues to entertain thousands of children and fans throughout the
country.  The mission of Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All Stars™ is to provide a
wholesome entertainment alternative for families in the United States and abroad.
A parallel mission for Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All Stars™ is to use its
collective influence to help America’s youth form healthy attitudes about themselves
and others. Whenever possible, Meadowlark schedules appearances in various
elementary and secondary schools and colleges to speak to students and let them
know that their lives are of great value and they are alive for a purpose and that
they can make a positive contribution to their families and communities.  
More importantly, Meadowlark lets the youth know they are not alone, they are
uniquely created as “one of a kind” –  no one else can fulfill their destiny and purpose.  Meadowlark brings a message of  Hope and Encouragement in the face of their constant challenges.  Meadowlark says,  "Kids may be a small part of our society" however, they are 100 percent of our  Future! We are changing lives to change the World!”
You can book Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All Stars™
For a personal appearance, charity fundraiser, collaborative
celebrity event or corporate event. Contact us today for more information 
Check us out on Giving Library!

Thank you to our 2012 Title Sponsor,
TriWest Healthcare Alliance:

What is Camp Meadowlark?

Basketball Hall of Famer, Meadowlark Lemon, the ageless hoop-master, “Clown Prince of Basketball”, strives to reach today’s young people through Camp Meadowlark, a co-ed sports camp that began in 1989 offering camps nationwide and was featured in Sports Illustrated. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a varsity level player, Camp Meadowlark is a specifically created basketball camp designed to help young basketball players develop skills athletically while also teaching them the importance of education and staying healthy. It is a complete program to teach the important skills and fundamentals of basketball, improve your basketball skills, leadership, and confidence and take your game to a higher level.  Meadowlark emphasizes four attributes of basketball: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Physical conditioning is a key factor in the longevity of Meadowlark’s career, and the difference between an average player and one of the legends of the game. Camp Meadowlark teaches young athletes about applying the mental or psychological parts of the game to everyday life to handle pressure, to set goals, and to strengthen moral character. Meadowlark is personally dedicated to every camper giving them one-on-one attention helping them improve their individual basketball skills in all areas of the game. It’s a unique and fun-filled learning experience with a focus on becoming a total player. Each camper is taught to learn the skills, when to use them, how to practice, then put them to use. These are the fundamentals upon which Meadowlark built a long lasting career leading to the highest honor any professional player can received – Basketball Hall of Famer Class of 2003. As a special feature, these young athletes get passing, dribbling, and basketball handling skills. Each camper completes the camp feeling good about their achievements.  Meadowlark understands that when young people feel good about themselves they will also treat others with more respect.
Physical:  Camp Meadowlark is designed to show the importance of physical condition as a key factor in the longevity of Meadowlark Lemon’s career, the difference between an average player and one of the legends of the game.
Psychological: Applying the mental parts of the game to everyday life to handle pressure, to set goals, to strengthen moral character and treat others with respect and kindness. Learn to become a team player, practicing good sportsmanship on and off the court, challenging yourself to get better each day and enjoying your successes along the way.
Social: To be able to interact with players and individuals from all other walks of life, regardless of gender, race, color or creed. To replace bullying with respect and seeking to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of others.  Following the “Golden Rule” to treat others the way you want to be treated….”
Spiritual: To give God glory for all our talents and gifts.
Meadowlark Lemon’s personal dedication to every camper is your guarantee that Camp Meadowlark will be a very unique and FUN-FILLED learning experience.  Your child’s opportunity to be taught by the Legendary Meadowlark Lemon, Basketball Hall of Famer and the most popular member of the most beloved sports team in history – The Harlem Globetrotters.

Become a Total Player

• Learn The Skills
• When to Use Them
• How to Practice…
• Then Put Them to Use..

Camp Meadowlark Staff

Our sport specific staff of coaches and counselors have been carefully screened and selected on their ability to teach and relate to young people focusing on the whole player, teaching your young athlete skills they need both on and off the court to become a better athlete. Each Camp Meadowlark staff member is capable of discussing on a one-on-one level the importance of teamwork, responsibility, academic perseverance, dealing with peer pressure, self-motivation, building a positive self-esteem and the dangers of substance abuse, bullying and violence.

To My Fans
"To my fans across the globe, thank you for the memories, I cherish the memories as much as you do! I continue to travel the globe to stay actively connected with you, my fans, through various events, personal appearances, speaking engagements and more. It’s the joy that counts in life, and the times spent with my fans are the memories that will live on forever. I want you to always remember that life’s most meaningless statistic is the half time score, and as far as I’m concerned it’s always half-time. I wish you joy, my friends. In the great game of life,
Trust Your Next Shot."

Mailing Address:
Meadowlark Lemon Ministries, Inc.
6501 East Greenway Parkway
Suite 103
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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