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Volunteer your remarketable gifts and become more marketable!

Volunteer and Market Yourself…Remarkably

“Remarkable Marketable Mehelps you share your remarkable gifts volunteering, making you more marketable along the way.

By Jean Robb

I didn’t have the best childhood. We didn’t have much, so if you needed something you had to find a way to get it. I started working at 11 years old selling candy door to door. I know very scary right, but at 11 years old all I knew was I had to sell a certain amount of candy before I could go home. When I knocked on a door, out came my foot and I didn’t move it until you bought a box of candy. The skills I learned from my difficult childhood, (my lemons) really became a blessing (my lemonade).

I learned at a really young age that persistence will open many doors. As an adult I have walked out on a stage with a tiger after Zig Ziglar and talked to over 2,000 people about overcoming their fears. I know you must be thinking…a tiger? I have volunteered for over 15 years with big cat sanctuaries and have learned you can do something you really love while helping others in remarkable ways. In today’s economy you hear lots of people say they can’t find a job. So what happens?

The longer you’re out of work, you start to lose your contacts. You’re not keeping up with the day-to-day changes in your trade. You’re simply out of the loop. The longer you’re in this position the more the fear sets in. What if I can’t find a job? I have so much to offer, how do I get someone to talk to me? Well as you can see, fear can really take a hold of you, it makes you feel like a deer in the headlights. How do you overcome these things?

First off, STOP listening to the FEAR and STOP making EXCUSES. Look, I’ve made many of the same excuses when I’ve let fear be a part of my life. I now realize that the answer to overcoming the fear is to replace it with remarkable things you can be proud of. Instead of asking why would anyone want to hire me, ask yourself why not me?

After volunteering you could say. Look at the change I’ve made in the lives of others. Look what I’ve learned along the way. Look at the skills I’ve been taught while helping others. Look at the great people I’ve met. They’ve seen first hand the type of passion I put into any job I take on. So how will this work? I have made a commitment to bring you a volunteering opportunity at least once a week. The process of volunteering can be more complicated than people may think.

Email me your news. I have included in each story all the information I received and the direct contacts to make it really easy for you to get your foot in the door.Network, Network, Network” See how you can use that experience to build your resume. Most of all how did you feel about helping others today.

My goal is to get you to share with all of us your experience. Think about how much we can learn from each other. Please email me your pictures and story to so I can post them each day. I will add the trademarks, video and links for you.

Jean Robb is a real estate agent in the Dallas – Fort Worth area who is committed to promoting the importance of volunteering for your community.We have the infrastructure in place with the best real estate team in North Texas, and the process for you and I, together can “give back” to those in need without costing you an extra dime. It’s a win/win for both of us. When you contact me, just mention this page and I'll donate 5% of my commission to any non-profit you want to help!

After reading the above information ask yourself “why would I choose any other realtor”?

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I make my living as a Realtor. It allows me the opportunity to stay involved with so many charities. If you're in need of a great Realtor please go to

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dallas Cowboy's Jesse Holley ~ A Dream Come True and Making Dreams Come True!


Go shopping with Jesse Holley from the Dallas Cowboys. Each week Albertson's is helping those that need a break every once in awhile. Family's will get up to $200 in groceries from Albertson's.

Hi Jean Robb here. When I did “Monday Night in Texas”  with Mr. Will, Coach Matt & the “DFW Sports Angel”…to talk about “Remarkable, Marketable Me" and the  athletes giving back & around the NFLclick here to listen to the show Robin talked about Dallas Cowboy's "Jesse Holley" and his gift of a $200.00 grocery shopping  spree for a family in need each week. I really had to find out about this great athlete and his kind heart.
Holley (6-3, 215) began his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals, who signed him as an undrafted free agent out of North Carolina in 2007. Holley spent five weeks on the Bengals’ practice squad that season, but was out of football in 2008. Holley was the winner of Michael Irvin’s 2009 reality show, which earned him an invite to the Cowboys’ 2009 training camp. Holley caught three passes for 19 yards and returned a punt 82 yards for a touchdown. Waived at the end of camp, Holley spent all of last season on Dallas’ practice squad.
In five pre-season games this summer, Holley caught 6 passes for 60 yards before being waived and re-signed to the practice squad in early September.

Cowboys wide receiver Jesse Holley gained a modicum of celebrity three years ago by winning a reality series called "4th and Long" on Spike TV. But on Sunday, he became a household name across the country with a 77-yard catch that set up the Cowboys' game-winning field goal in San Francisco. On Monday, Holley was in high demand for radio and TV interviews.September 20, 2011 


2009 Dallas Cowboys Early Thanksgiving Day Meal at The Salvation Army. Annual team Holiday Hospital Visits. Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas Program. Annual Dallas Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon and Cowboys Family Cookbook benefitting Happy Hill Farm. Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas. Feed A Family Program 2011 Season

Jesse Holley has partnered with K104 morning team,  he will be taking calls and will pick one deserving DALLAS family a week to take grocery shopping with a $200 limit throughout the football season. Please fill out the form below or email  

Mr. Holley will personally evaluate and select the nominee with the greatest need.


*Please remember you must be
a family in need that resides in Dallas.* 


Texas must fight hunger all year

People don't choose to be hungry, which is why prosperous Texans shouldn't ignore others' suffering when the holiday season ends. It's honorable to volunteer at food banks or to write a check to provide food for the needy, but eventually Texans must come to grips with the reality that this state's dismal record on combating hunger is getting worse."Texans should be shocked that a state as prosperous as Texas is doing so poorly, The food bank readily accepts contributions in food and money all year, but eradicating hunger also requires such comprehensive strategies as making sure the needy, especially those with children, receive food stamps and other assistance.

Hunger has been with us forever and will stay with us until enough people insist 

that it will not continue !

Childhood Hunger in America

Nearly one in five children in America can’t count on having enough to eat. Their bodies may not be rail thin, nor their bellies bloated like their counterparts in other countries, but they’re at risk of hunger all the same. They lack the energy to learn, grow and thrive. Download the 2011 Childhood Hunger Factsheet.
  • More than 16 million children in America are at risk of hunger. That’s more than 1 in 5.
  • 15.7 million children in America live in poverty.
  • 18.6 million children benefit from SNAP (food stamps).
  • Over 20 million children get a free or reduced-price school lunch on an average school day.
  • Only 10.5 million children get a free or reduced-price school breakfast on an average school day.
  • 6 out of 7 children do not get the free summer meals they are eligible for.
Sources: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; U.S. Census Bureau; Food Research and Action Center. 

 Go To and Nominate A family for "Feed a Family" this week!!!

For more information or booking inquiries please contact

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